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My Work Experience Week at Labman

John Hesford Internship

Work Experience in mechanical engineering With my sights firmly set on a future in mechanical engineering, and a passion to excel in my field, I decided to begin my journey at Labman. When I first arrived on Monday morning, it would be fair to say that I felt nervous, apprehensive and  a perhaps little overwhelmed. This was the first time I …

Robots make good toys!

Andrew Mathieson Internship, Just For Fun, Labman News, Projects

Completing the usual “welcome to the job” training, my first task as an intern at Labman has been to test and evaluate the Epson E2L SCARA robot. A key job that the robot will have to do when it is ultimately incorporated into the system is to draw the 15*17 Lissajous pattern. The Lissajous pattern is created by two sine …