Intern Seyonne at Labman

The Interns #02 – Seyonne

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Seyonne was the second intern to leave us last week after spending her summer here at Labman. She is returning to Manchester University to her third year studying Mechatronics. Take it away Seyonne; I found out about the summer intern role here at Labman through their robot fighting competition FightFest and I’m very glad I did. Straight from the very …

Introducing domestic abuse and menopause policies to Labman.

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Would you open up to your colleagues if you were a victim of domestic abuse or dealing with symptoms of the menopause? Many would not, but as we continue on our mission to provide support and a more inclusive environment in the workplace, we have introduced policies surrounding these very subjects. Domestic Abuse Policy Each year nearly 2 million people …

The Interns #01 – Ben

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As our summer interns leave us for pastures new, they let us know about their time at Labman. Last week, we said goodbye to Ben as he returns for his final masters year as a mechanical engineer at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Take it away Ben! “The best part of working at Labman for me was being able to put …

Clay shooting victory for Labman’s Paul Wheatley

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Labman employee Paul Wheatley scooped the top prize at the Pro-Sporting Super Final Challenge held at Bywell Shooting ground last weekend. After competing in two qualification events over the last few months, Paul secured a spot on the leaderboard for Bywell’s fifth Pro-Sporting annual event, and pipped Dave Renton in the final for the win. Clay Shooting (or Clay Pigeon Shooting) …

We’re exhibiting

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It feels great to be back out and about, so we’re making the most of it and attending some of our favourite exhibitions this year. Find out more details of where and when you can catch us below. We can’t wait to see some of your lovely faces again. As regular attendees of the American Coatings Show, we are looking …

Labman get involved in battery technologies

Labman get involved in growing demand for battery technologies

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As we hurtle towards our carbon neutral targets and pressure increases for industries to adapt to a more sustainable future, Labman’s involvement in battery technologies is inevitably growing fast. Battery R&D Since large scale battery use in fundamental industries is in the relatively early stages, there is still a large focus on battery research, testing and development. As part of …

The Tenderizer combat robot built by Labman's Ed Hodges

Labman’s Ed takes part in Sidemen Extreme Robot Wars

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13.8M YouTuber, Sidemen took part in an epic Robot Wars Battle for this weeks #SidemenSundays production. Collaborating alongside Andy Russell and Adam Hamilton, to design and build the two 110kg heavyweight destroying machines was Labman’s very own Ed Hodges. Ed is a Project Leader Robotics Engineer and of course a combat robot enthusiast. Oh my dayzz! Within 24 hours of …

NE STEM Awards 2021 Labman

North East STEM Awards 2021

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STEM Ambassadors make up around one third of Labman’s total workforce, with a total of 27 individuals. This summer we gained recognition for this at the North East STEM Awards 2021. During the prestigious virtual ceremony hosted by author and TV personality Dallas Campbell, we were awarded Highest number of active STEM Ambassadors from a North East SME. Craig Thornton, …

World Mental Health Day at Labman

Making World Mental Health Day a happier one

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Having a fulfilling job can be great for your mental health and general wellbeing. We believe in a workplace where everyone can thrive, so at Labman, we want to help protect our employees by addressing mental health and wellbeing.  Helping Labman staff Mental health is something which affects us all. When we enjoy good mental health we feel that sense of …