Michael during his Internship at Labman Automation

The Interns #7 – Michael

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We are sorry to say goodbye to this live wire! Before he returns to finish his engineering degree at Cambridge University, Michael tells us about his internship at Labman: The fantastically diverse environment to which you’re put in the deep end, has been incredibly insightful. From dealing with such a variety of top and lower level engineering problems I’m privileged …

William during his Internship at Labman Automation

The Interns #6 – William

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After hearing about us at a jobs fair at Durham University, William hopes his internship will provide him with some great experience to help him get into a career in robotics. With one year left at university, we wish him the best of luck. Here’s what he had to say about his time here: I came to Labman 3 years …

Joan's Internship at Labman

The Interns #5 – Joan

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Coming all the way from Spain especially to complete his internship at Labman, Joan is hoping to further his knowledge and experience in Computer Science. Having helped out on real projects and applied his personal skills, he returns to university in Spain this month to complete his degree. Good luck Joan! I came to Labman 3 years ago and since …

James working on a robot

The Interns #4 – James P

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With a passion for robotics and currently studying electrical engineering at the University of York, James is hoping his experience at Labman will give him the leg-up he needs to get into the wonderful world of bionic prosthesis. Here’s his blog. After making the decision to leave the printing industry and retrain as an Electronic Engineer, I was looking for …

Joshua's Internship at Labman Automation

The Interns #3 – Joshua

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About to embark on his Master’s year at Leeds University studying Mechatronics and Robotics, Joshua now has some real world experience under his belt after finishing his internship here at Labman. Here’s what he had to say about his summer here. I first learned about Labman at a career’s fair. I asked the employee manning the stand what it was …

Aidan Internship at Labman Automation

The Interns #2 – Aidan

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A local lad returns for his second internship at Labman! After finishing his second year at Cambridge University, Aidan’s summer internship has almost come to an end. It’s great to hear about what he enjoyed working on this summer. He just can’t get enough! Take Two. Labman is so much more than just a place of work! It’s an activity …

James working on some electronics at Labman

The Interns #1 – James

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After a summer internship we are sorry to see James go. He is an intelligent and motivated young man and we know he will excel in whatever he chooses to do! This was what he had to say about his time here. When I found the Labman website I knew immediately that I had to do my summer internship here. …

Labfest Goes to the Movies

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All things weird and wonderful was the order of the day at this year’s Labfest – Labman went 100% to the movies. At this year’s summer festival, the Labman staff, plus their nearest and dearest, encountered everything from a ghost detector to a tequila shot machine, and even a mind-controlled game! The film star costumes donned by the happy revellers …

Labman Seamer Extension Visualisation

Another new extension for Labman

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Here at Labman we’re proud of our open plan factory space where we pretty much do everything under one roof; from engineering, software, testing and a little bit of cake eating which is all equally important in the process of making robots! But we’re growing, and fast! So we are very excited to be seeing the early stages of our …