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Mixed Results in The Final Round of The Rallycross

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The final round has been and gone and it’s now time to start preparation on both cars for the 2017 race season. Croft showed us that the Golf’s reliability, or lack of, played a major role in losing championship points. Since the car has such a bespoke engine set-up it is very difficult to source spare parts for the engine …

Sempuris Dual Filter System Heading

Labman Launches a New Brand – Sempuris

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Labman is proud to introduce a new brand – Sempuris (, and its first off-the-shelf water filtration device, the Dual Filter system. As a new member of the Labman family, Sempuris will cover all aspects of Labman’s bespoke systems for the water industry, as well as the Dual Filter system and its Smart Cartridges. Having worked closely with the water industry …

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Golf gets a great reaction at Fitted UK show

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The Golf had a different audience at the car show, Fitted UK, on the 31st July, when it was put on display in Manchester. The weekend was a fantastic opportunity for people to have a closer look at the race car and see the work that has gone into it. The show was also a great chance to promote Labman …

Inflatable Volleyball party labfest hawaii

The Pig, the Prosecco, and the People – LABFEST 2016

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Labman HQ was basked in sunshine for LABFEST 2016 – Labman’s annual summer celebration. With a home-made hog-roast, a full-size inflatable volleyball court, beer pong, Hammerschlagen and more….. Staff, family and friends descended on the grounds of Labman for an amazing day of fun and relaxation. The culmination of several weeks of intense preparation and head-scratching, LABFEST 2016 saw the …

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Belgium Delivers an Eventful Retro Rallycross Weekend

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The Bowes racing team had high hopes that Belgium would bring the Retro Rallycross success they’d been looking for. Although we were still close on time, the workload was much less than previous events, and although we didn’t have time to test the Golf, due to last minute problems with the brakes, the car all seemed to come together in …

NHS Bright Ideas Awards

Labman announced as Finalist in the NHS Bright Ideas in Health Awards

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On the 11th June, 2016 NHS Innovations revealed the finalists in the North for their Bright Ideas in Health Awards. Labman is delighted to announce that we are amongst this final number, specifically in the Innovative Medical Technology or Device category. Inventors and medical professionals from across the NHS and the technology world have submitted a huge variety of proposals …

An engineer’s guide to building an Igloo

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Written by Tom Smith (Labman Senior Project Leader and Intrepid Explorer!) For over 37 years Labman Automation has prided itself on building state of the art custom robotic systems but what many people don’t know is that Labman has also been at the cutting edge of igloo design and building for the past three years! Now, when people think igloo …

Labman Automation currently exhibiting at “Aquatech,” Amsterdam.

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Labman are exhibiting at Aquatech Amsterdam 3-6 November. During the show we are launching the ELF (Environmental Laboratory Filtration) device. This patented device is an innovative new way of filtering water samples prior to analysis for parameters such as BOD, COD and trace metals. As well as launching ELF we are promoting all of our other work we do for …

Labman features on Sky News!

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Ian Riley, a senior manager at Labman, was interviewed by Dermot Murnaghan for Sky News on 27 January. The short programme was aired ‘live’ to mark 100 days until the general election. It featured politics, jobs and the general optimism from businesses trading in the Northeast of England. Labman has seen strong growth in the past years, something reflected in …