Double 3 Telepresence Robot at Labman

Double 3 Telepresence Robot

Katie Simpson Uncategorized

For most businesses 2020 was spent battling with Covid-19 restrictions and although the end is finally in sight, international travel still remains a problem. Communication with our international customers is crucially important, so we decided it was time for a more dynamic way to connect.

Whilst expansion to our factory floorspace and growing staff numbers can only mean great things, it does bring about the challenge of flowing communication. Since webcam conferences require constant attention from someone on site, the Double 3 Telepresence Robot bridges the gap between offsite and onsite as it allows the user to pretty much look after themselves.

Labman, just like anyone, does enjoy a new piece of kit to play with, and so the Double 3 (affectionately known on site as Sheldon) was purchased from to provide a key channel for communication. The capability to navigate completely independently gives the user a new level of freedom, and since being on site Sheldon has been very popular.

During live interaction, the users face is displayed on the screen whilst an advanced audio system allows clear, two way simultaneous conversation. This makes interaction with the remote user feel as natural as if they were there in the room.

The Double 3 has various features and capabilities including adjustable screen height, camera tilt position and multiple levels of zoom, providing the user with full control of what they see. There are also options for multi viewer mode, screen sharing and parking, to name but a few.

It does however have it’s fair share of limitations. Changing floor level isn’t really an option – clearly stairs are out of the question, perhaps you could take the lift? But who will press the button? And then there’s the internet connection to think about.

The Double 3 uses sophisticated obstacle avoidance technology which provides even first time users with great reassurance. But a simple side step around a stray object is unfortunately not so simple for this robot however it will safely manoeuvre around it nonetheless.

Despite a few inevitable disadvantages, as a tool for communication, the Double 3 is indeed a novel, versatile solution.

Why not request your invitation today for a refreshingly-unguided tour of Labman HQ, and the best part is, you won’t have to self-isolate afterwards.