Labman Concept



A UK-based company approached Labman to integrate their tube marking printer into an easy-to-use, automated device. Understanding the end-user requirements was a key priority in the design of the system, as well as understanding the current pain-points that the customer wished to solve through automation.

The concept for the system was designed to have a minimal form factor that could sit easily atop a normal laboratory bench, and that was intuitive to use. Working initially on the internal constraints of the mechanics, a ‘hoop’ design was settled upon that would slide over the vials, picking them and placing them into a printer below the bed of the system.

Initial sketches helped to put across to the customer exactly how the system would look, as well as how it would function and solve the problems described initially.



Labman worked closely with the customer through multiple visits to produce prototypes of the system at various stages of build. These ensured that every possible issue was ironed out quickly, with full disclosure to the customer.

Alpha and beta units were then taken and exhibited at select conferences and exhibitions to gather market feedback, as well as to tantilise what was to come from this exciting device.

All of this data and feedback was captured and had direct impact upon the continued development of the final unit.