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Robot fighting championship

10 July 2021

Labman HQ, North Yorkshire

This is robot fighting

FightFest is a brand-new fighting robot championship for students in the UK, presented by Labman. Those aware of the classic British TV show Robot Wars will be familiar with the premise of the competition: robots compete to immobilise their opponents by any means necessary in a bulletproof arena.

Proving you have the skills to make it in the robotics industry and for demonstrating the desire to have a good time with engineering, Labman doesn’t think there’s a better way.


Entrance requirements

To enter FightFest as a student requires the following:

A team of up to 4 members. All members must be full time students at a UK university or other establishment of higher education during the academic year of 2020/2021.*

A letter from a member of staff (preferably teaching staff) from your university’s engineering or Sciences department confirming you have permission to represent your university in the competition.



*Applications for the 2021 event are now closed.

Download the information packs

All the details about the format of the competition, how to set up a team, can be found in this handy Introduction Pack - download it now.
DownloadIntroduction Pack
The rules for building a FightFest entrant and the rules of the competition can be found in the Build and Combat Guide.
DownloadBuild and Combat Guide