First Prize Award for Labman Building

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The Rural & Industrial Design and Building Association, RIDBA, has awarded Joanna Whitwell of The Little Yorkshire Design Company a First Prize for the new Labman Automation facade. The aesthetics category was won because the entire look of the building has been transformed for the better. The finest cedar cladding, wonderful posts made from entire tree trunks and a curved entrance has taken what was a chunky, clunky and ugly portal frame construction and made it iconic.



Joanna Whitwell of The Little Yorkshire Design Company Ltd designed the original fit out and now the new, award winning, front.  Roger Standen of SB Building Contractors Ltd and Jonathon Jessop of Yorkshire Steel Buildings undertook the work with a minimum cost brief under the watchful eye of Joanna. Time and weather is now quickly changing the new timber colour to a timeless silvery hue whilst the landscaping matures.  Sebum and other Crassulaceae will vie for space on the roof over the coming years.

The entrance curve is built with large box section beams rolled to a beautiful, purposeful, shape. Calculated to withstand the strongest Arctic blow it takes the slam out of the front door whilst alleviating the need for one of those cat smelling vestibules so necessary in Northern climes. The hand wrought blacksmiths gates open to the touch with a high tech whirr and the steel lattice weave matches the gentle curve of the timber and box section steel.


Tom Heap of Countryfile, Animal 24:7 and Costing the Earth lent the awards a dimension in tune with the efforts and outcome of the build. His easy professionalism balanced the keenness of the award contestants and the joy of winning. Labman extends their great gratitude to Joanna Whitwell, RIDBA and all the contractors and hopes the award goes some way to recognising their efforts.



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