Material Dispensing Units

Self-contained, mobile specialised dispensers for dosing powder or liquid raw materials within the Formulation Engine and beyond. 

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7 MDUs, infinite dispensing

Peristaltic pump

Dosing from a 1 litre container using a peristaltic pump. This is predominantly used for low-medium viscosity liquids (silicone – water – texapon).

Stirred peristaltic pump

Ideal for low-medium viscosity slurries containing ingredients that must be continually mixed but cannot be heated (e.g. solvent slurry).

Heated & stirred peristaltic pump

Integrated heating and stirring allows controlled dispensing of hot melt liquids with configurable dispensing and temperature control per ingredient.

Syringe pump

Dosing by positive displacement syringe pump used for accurate small dispensed or high viscosity liquids (tomato puree).

Heated syringe pump

Temperature controlled dispenser for low volume hot melt materials such as waxes.

Powder feeder - auger

Coarse and fine pitched auger feeder for powder dispensing (table salt, leaf tea, granulated sugar, coffee)

Powder feeder - pin

Actuated pin feeder used for small tolerance dosing and light / fluffy powders (corn flour).

Complexity simplified


The liquid MDUs dose using either a peristaltic pump or syringe drive. Each dispenser features a materials reservoir, dispensing mechanism and dosing tip. The dosing tip includes an interchangeable luer lock needle and retractable drip cap to prevent spillages when transporting.

Based around a configurable dispensing hub, the powder dispensing MDU's raw material hoppers can be loaded with different dispenser mechanisms. Capable of dispensing free flowing powder, coarse granulated solids and fluffy bridging materials.