2021 Intern #4 – Will

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Expressing his enjoyment of the hands-on work, on real projects. (And of course our super extensive workshop.😉 ) Will tells us about his time at Labman as an intern before he returns to Leeds to complete his degree:

What I’ve been working on

You really do get thrown into the deep end here at Labman as an intern. Within the first few days of my internship I was helping out on a variety of projects. From building robot frames to designing parts, and even getting involved with some sales work for a potential upcoming project. Thankfully everyone here is super friendly and helpful, so I never felt lost with a task. There’s always been someone to offer guidance when I’ve been stuck.

In the last couple of months, I’ve been working as project leader on an internal project to develop a new XYZ gantry system that will be used in future Labman robots. I never expected I’d be given responsibility like this in my short time here. It’s been a fantastic learning experience. Not only have I worked on the design, manufacture, and assembly of the system. I’ve also had the chance to liaise with suppliers to source and purchase components.

One of the best parts about working at Labman has been the practical nature of the work here. After a long year of online lectures at uni, it’s been great to come to such a hands-on workplace. The workshop has just about every machine and tool an engineer could dream of. I’ve had the opportunity to use loads of them during my time here.

What I’ve learned

I’ve been amazed at how much it’s possible to learn in only three short months. My CAD skills have come on leaps and bounds. I’d never even used the sheet metal functions in Solidworks before coming here but now they’re part of my daily workflow.
Getting to work so closely with the machining and fabrication side of the business has given me a real appreciation of designing for manufacture. Something that’s impossible to fully grasp in a classroom environment.

What’s next

I’m heading back to Leeds for my final year. I’m certainly feeling better prepared for it having spent the summer here at Labman. I will be taking forward everything I’ve learned, as well as a renewed passion for engineering.

Intern Will at work
Will at work during his summer intern placement at Labman