Labman celebrate Women in Engineering Day

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Labman took time to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2018.  We have continued to work closely with local schools, colleges and universities.  We encourage, support and drive female talent by inspiring girls and young women to seek careers in engineering.  At Labman females enhance the business, in engineering and as a whole.  #INWED2018 is a fantastic celebration of the achievements of female engineers.

Labman Intern

Joy Fletcher has recently started an internship with us at Labman, “Women in Engineering is important to me as it’s very evident from the statistics that women are currently unrepresented in engineering and STEM related roles. However, we are just as capable, valuable and important to this sector as men. I love being a female engineer because I’ve always been fascinated by how things work. Getting to plan a project and see it through to a completed product has been the most exciting part of being an engineer and having the chance to develop my skills through projects at Labman is such an amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to see a more equal workforce in the future of  engineering.”

Labman aims to encourage female students to explore their potential, curiosity and passion for innovation.


Amy Nixon is a machinist who works in the workshop specialising in making intricate parts for the robots. “I am a machinist and started working at Labman in 2013, I really enjoy it too. We all work hard in the workshop but the atmosphere is fun. I think women might find the idea of working in this sector intimidating which is a shame. I do think that there should be more women in technology and feel schools should be encouraging this.”

Wednesday nights at Labman are all about football.  Arthur choose to wear these trainers in honour of #INWED18.  Well done Arthur, we hear you played exceptionally well! Perhaps you should wear them more often.

We celebrated by recognising the achievements of our lovely female colleagues at Labman, along with those of previous female students and interns, the usual Labman way – with cakes!