INRA – French National Institute for Agriculture Research Wood Grinding System

Ian Riley Projects, Technical

Labman are manufacturing a pair of wood grinding sample systems for the French National Institute for Agriculture Research (INRA – The systems grind a variety of plant material including roots, leaves and woody tissues from Pine, Oak, Poplar, Ash and other varieties. Ground sample powder is dispensed into vials for chemical extraction, NIRS analysis or archiving. The hardware is …

Multi-Channel Programmable Frequency Generator

Paul Chilton Technical

We have been working on a project that requires a device to be driven with 16 sine waves. Each channel needs to have programmable frequency and amplitude. Labman have designed a PCB based around Analog Devices AD9835 Direct Digital Synthesizer. Our module is capable of driving all 16 sine waves simultaneously while keeping them all perfectly in-phase. Specifications: 10-bit DAC output …

Happy New Blog!

Labman Automation Labman News

First of all everybody at Labman would like to wish a happy and fruitful New Year to all readers of our New Blog. 2012 was a very busy and exciting year at Labman which included us celebrating the first anniversary of the relocation to our new building, it’s nice to get settled. We had two members of staff welcome a …

Labman Website Update

Paul Chilton Labman News

Labman are pleased to announce the launch of our new-look website for 2013. Please take a look at