Labman employees climb to the top

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Gideon Harrison, one of our apprentice robot technicians, reports back on the climbing antics Labman employees get up to.  Climbing is enjoyed by many here at Labman, we have our own indoor wall which is regularly used during lunch breaks along with our ongoing climbing competitions.           After work, some week nights, we venture further afield to various climbing walls around …

rotary club youth awards Labman

Labman apprentice leads the way

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Arthur Harding, one of our software apprentices, reports back on his week of leading his team at the Rotary Club Youth Leadership Awards – go on Arthur. Last August I spent a week at the Kingsway Centre in Middleton-on-Teesdale, and I can safely say it was the most fun week of work I’ve ever had. Labman sponsored me to take …

The Interns #8 – John

John Hesford Internship

In our final edition of ‘The Interns’, we hear what John Hunter reckoned to his time at Labman. We’ve loved having our interns here over the summer, and look forward to welcoming more next year. Over to you John. Work hard; play hard. If one company could optimise that phrase, it would be Labman. One second, you’d be lying under …

Labman Automation Internship Intern

The Interns #7 – Aidan & Dmytro

John Hesford Internship

We’ve asked lots of our interns this year what it’s like to work at Labman, to take time away from university or academia and to get stuck in to projects here. Our next two interns are Aidan & Dmytro. Dymtro I first heard about Labman Automation at the careers fair at university and I instantly knew I wanted to be …

Labman Automation Internship Intern Software Engineer

The Interns #6 – Connor

John Hesford Internship

An internship at Labman is an internship like no other. In my eleven weeks at Labman I have done a lot, apart from making the cups of tea. From the first week, I was working on challenging programming problems for real clients on live projects. Since then I have been working on a variety of projects, each with their own challenges that …

Daniel Nagy intern internship software engineer labman automation

The Interns #5 – Daniel

John Hesford Internship

We’ve been asking each of the interns that worked at Labman this summer to give us their take on working here. Next up, Daniel: Having spent two summers at Labman now, I feel altogether spoiled by the fantastic working environment they have created. The nature of their work – building custom robots – ensured that I was never bored or …

Joy Fletcher Woman in Engineering Labman Job Arcade Machine

The Interns #4 – Joy

John Hesford Internship

If I could sum up my experience of Labman in one word it would have to be ‘passion’. Passion is defined as “a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something”. My time here at Labman has not only nurtured my passion for engineering but also my passion for encouraging others. Passionate about engineering Within my …

Robot wars will carne labman automation

The Interns #3 – Will

John Hesford Internship

During the summer I spent at Labman I’ve gotten to experience a big part of what makes It such an amazing place to work, from the varied and engaging work to the friendly and helpful atmosphere working at Labman is an absolute blast. One of the things that really surprised me was how much responsibility interns are given; during my …

Labman interns internship squash court at work

The Interns #2 – Tom

John Hesford Internship

We asked each of our interns to tell us about their time at Labman – next up, Tom Benham-Croswell. “Thrown in at the deep-end” – this phrase sums up my, and probably every intern’s, experience at Labman. It sounds daunting and it is. You will either learn to swim or you will drown, and some people do drown. However, they …