Jordan doing electrical work on a project

The Interns #1 – Jordan

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Despite the many obstacles brought about by COVID-19 this year, we have thankfully still been able to run a number of internships. There are so many projects and ideas going on here at Labman, not to mention the clubs and sporting activities you can get involved with and Jordan, whose internship ends this week, has been doing just that. His …

Dumbbells at the Labman Gym

Welcome to the Labman Gym

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With the expansion of our HQ in Seamer, North Yorkshire, we are further expanding our on-site sporting facilities with the Labman Gym. The health and wellbeing of our staff (and our customers!) is something that Labman has always prioritised, particularly in an envorinment where so much creativity is required, so without further ado: the Labman Gym. The 500-square-foot, air-conditioned gym …

Labmask image with all NHS heroes faces and volunteers

The Labmask Project

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The Labmask project was set up at the end of March 2020 with the huge goal of supplying 80,000 masks to frontline NHS workers, to help protect them at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Labmasks are clear visors designed to prevent fluid from reaching the face whilst being simple enough to reproduce quickly from easy to source materials. When …

NHS Staff wearing Labmasks

COVID-19: Doing our bit

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The last couple of months have been like no other. Many of us will have never before, and will never again experience anything like it. The Coronavirus pandemic has meant unprecedented changes to everyday life which affect each and every one of us, in a global effort to save lives. Here at Labman we are lucky enough to have a …

Changing the World with Robots

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Earlier this week we were delighted to work with the creative and imaginative children at Links Primary School, in aid of British Science Week. Groups of children were tasked to invent a robot that could change the world, and then build it using recycled materials. In their groups they talked about what their robot was designed for, and how it …

Ampleforth Eggs-ercise their Minds

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Labman was happy to welcome Ampleforth College onsite for a visit this week. Mr Anglim and his Design & Technology, STEM Scholars were onsite to see how their subjects apply to real world applications. Andrew led an in-depth tour, careers talk and a discussion on robotics. We finished our tour with the Egg Drop Challenge. We didn’t shell out for …

Battling Robots at Egglescliffe School

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As part of a new programme designed to engage and enthuse students into the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Egglescliffe School‘s Young Engineering Club have launched a series of extra-curricular projects to be run with the help of industry experts over the coming year. Labman could not resist being involved in one of their latest projects – …

Robot Immersion with the Mechatrons Sword Prize

Glory for Team Immersion

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Team Immersion took the top prize this month at the 2020 Irish Heavyweight Robot Championship, hosted by Mechatrons at the Dublin BT Young Scientist Festival. Ed, an engineer here at Labman, along with his Immersion teammates, travelled to Dubin to battle with some of the most notoriously powerful combat machines in the sport, controlled by expert drivers from all over …

University Career Fairs 2019

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On our everlasting search for amazing new engineers, designers and idea-generators, we visited even more university career fairs this year. Equipped with banners, pens, mugs, TVs, bottle-openers, and some of our smiliest staff, we headed off to various cities and set out our stall amongst the bustling crowds of students hoping to catch the eye of any budding engineers. Our …