2021 intern, Wiremu

2021 Intern #2 – Wiremu

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Over the past 12 months, Labman has had the pleasure of working with Wiremu as another Year-in-Industry intern. Wirmeu joined Labman from Leeds University and has played a key part in the company during his 12 months of being an intern. We will certainly miss him! How has the year been? I think from the start, I’ve felt like I …

Labman usa party american flag and tents

Labfest 2021 – party in the USA

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After a year and half of Covid-ness we’d all rather forget, everyone at Labman was super ready to let their hair down for our annual summer knees-up, Labfest! Following on from previous events, this year, Labman looked across the pond to our good friends and neighbours, America, for inspiration for our USA party. From the huge array of slow-cooked meats …

Robot fighting championship fight

FightFest – the ultimate robot fighting championship

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Last week Labman held the very first FightFest, the ultimate robot fighting championship! Designed to be an incredible spectacle for our audience, a challenging and amazing experience for every competitor, and a chance for talented and creative engineers to get together at Labman, the first FightFest was everything we could’ve hoped for and more. We welcomed teams from across the …

Jamie at work during his year in industry at Labman

2021 Interns #1 – Jamie

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This year we had the pleasure of working with Jamie as a Year-in-Industry intern. We will be sad to see him leave next week! We missed out on a lot of things last year, including welcoming those wide-eyed interns to Labman HQ. But this year we are delighted to bring you more stories about what they got up to. Before …

ISO 13485 Certified for Medical Devices, Labman

Quality assurance for Labman’s medical devices

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Working with Lloyd’s Register we are delighted to announce that we have achieved the ISO 13485 certificate of compliance to the international standard for medical device quality management. This means that our quality management system has met the requirements. And is both appropriate and effective for designing, developing and manufacturing medical devices. Striving for excellence in every automated solution. Labman’s …

Formulation System with Glovebox

Collaboration success with CPI

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One of Labman’s latest automation success stories is their collaboration with the team at CPI’s Sedgefield based National Formulation Centre to design and build their latest piece of kit, The Formulation System with Glovebox. CPI work with partners to translate innovative ideas into products or processes in the marketplace. The National Formulation Centre supports the whole of the UK formulation …

Double 3 Telepresence Robot at Labman

Double 3 Telepresence Robot

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For most businesses 2020 was spent battling with Covid-19 restrictions and although the end is finally in sight, international travel still remains a problem. Communication with our international customers is crucially important, so we decided it was time for a more dynamic way to connect. Whilst expansion to our factory floorspace and growing staff numbers can only mean great things, …

9 DIY projects to take your STEM skills to the next level

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Mat Zolnierczyk, Labman team member and creator of NotEnoughTech.com spends much of his spare time exploring new techy ideas, and writing about his never ending list of home projects. He has put together a list of his 9 favourite smart home projects especially for us – from a smart heating mod for £5 to a magic goodnight button which turn’s …

The Rapid Sample Reformatter by Labman

Introducing the Rapid COVID19 Sample Reformatter

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A semi-automated, high-throughput sample processing system designed and manufactured by Labman to assist testing laboratories worldwide. Drawing on Labman’s 40+ years experience building automated systems, the Rapid Sample Reformatter was exclusively designed to sub-sample large volumes of liquid COVID-19 samples. Boasting a processing speed of 3 samples in just 12 seconds and operating continuously 24 hours a day, the system …