Vial & Tube Filling and Capping Systems

These systems automate the production of immunology diagnostic kits and other production liquid filling systems. The systems need to fill tubes (e.g. fritted reaction tubes) with a solution sometimes with suspended particles, cap the tubes and place them into the kits or racks ready for shipping.

Vitens Automated Water Laboratory

An entire water laboratory system for Vitens Laboratorium in Leeuwarden, Holland that runs unattended overnight with results ready first thing in the morning.

Cryogenic Wafer System

The cryogenic wafer system installed at University College London allows manipulation of wafers between a Cartesian Spotter, furnace and a cryogenic chamber.

Disc Washing & Coating Systems

2 Labman systems for washing and coating semi-porous discs. The first system washes the discs in various baths of fluid to remove bio-burden and prepare its surface for coating. The second system accurately coats the centre of each disc, which is held in place using a vacuum and is spun at up to 2500rpm to coat its surface.