Labman Optical Coatings System CPI Centre for Process Innovation

Optical Coatings System

A bespoke automated system that measures and assesses the optical characteristics and average thickness of coating samples.

Paint Application and Testing System Labman

Paint Application and Testing System

A three module system for dispensing, analysing and destruction-testing paint. Includes integrated laser profilometry, spectrophotometry, gloss meter and balances.

High Throughput Precipitate Detection System

High Throughput Precipitate Detection System

A precipitate detecting system installed in Siena, Italy. The system is used to analyse the amount of precipitate in liquid samples. A software algorithm is implemented to automatically determine the amount of precipitate. All vials are tracked using 2D barcodes allowing output transmission data to be outputted to a LIMS system.

Blood Reformatter Sheffield University Labman

Blood Reformatter

A blood plasma reformatting system for Sheffield University’s Medical Department. This system decaps tubes containing blood sample, reformats the sample into chilled Micronic racks and recaps the sample tube.

Forced Degradation Robot

This system prepare samples of candidate drug powders prior to stress testing and analysis and automates forced degradation processes. Samples are heated and shaken in up to six separate heater/shakers each with capacity for 24 vials.