Automated Product Analysis Robot

Automated Product Analysis Robot

A fluid products analysis robot to perform multiple measurements on liquid samples. Featuring an integrated Anton Paar Automated rheometer, a refractometer, spectrophotometer (dip probe), Metrohm pH and conductivity measurement and Labman sample cup storage mechanism.

Blood Reformatter Sheffield University Labman

Blood Reformatter

A blood plasma reformatting system for Sheffield University’s Medical Department. This system decaps tubes containing blood sample, reformats the sample into chilled Micronic racks and recaps the sample tube.

Liquids Formulation System

A high throughput viscous liquids dispensing system capable of preparing 700 formulations every 24 hours, each formulation typically having five additions. The system dispenses liquids with viscosities up to 80000cps.

Plant Grinding and Preparation System

Plant Grinding and Preparation System

Three units: a cryogenic biomass grinding and dispensing system; a room temperature biomass grinding and dispensing system; and a sample extraction system.

Vial & Tube Filling and Capping Systems

These systems automate the production of immunology diagnostic kits and other production liquid filling systems. The systems need to fill tubes (e.g. fritted reaction tubes) with a solution sometimes with suspended particles, cap the tubes and place them into the kits or racks ready for shipping.

Centrifuge and clean-up system Labman

Centrifuge and Clean-up System

This system prepares samples ready for injection into various analysers. Turbid samples are collected into vials. The turbidity of the sample is monitored. Should the turbidity of the sample exceed the required minimum then the vial and contents are centrifuged at 6000xg otherwise they are discarded.

Vitens Automated Water Laboratory

An entire water laboratory system for Vitens Laboratorium in Leeuwarden, Holland that runs unattended overnight with results ready first thing in the morning.

Olefins Extraction System Labman

Olefins Extraction System

A novel method for parallel extraction of plasticizers and stabilisers from polyolefins for HPLC, GC and TLC analysis. Samples of plastics in small dissolution reaction vessels have various solvents and reagents added to them. The reaction vessels are heated up to 190degreesC and mixed at 300rpm.

Frit Filtering and Chilled Block Dispensing

Frit Filtering and Chilled Block Dispensing

This system takes aliquots from a temperature controlled reaction block via a frit filter and injects them into septum sealed GC vials. The reaction block is peltier chilled and electrically heated allowing for a range of temperatures or computer controlled reaction temperature profiles.