Max Planck Cryogenic Plant Grinding & Feeding System

A unique system for cryogenically grinding and then feeding milligram amounts of plant material into sample vials ready for analysis. The system is loaded with vials containing plant material and steel balls for grinding.

Rothamsted Research Plant Material Dispenser

This system gravimetrically feeds pre-ground, freeze-dried plant material into Micronic tubes and GC vials. The system uses a novel method of powder feeding which eliminates any cross contamination between samples and also required no new consumable types.

Flux Ore Weigher

A system to accurately weigh ore directly from standard disposable or reusable laboratory tubes. The ore can be weighed into the fusing dishes or into other containers. The flux is weighed from a hopper with a miniature auger and feedback from the balance is recorded.

Liquid/Liquid Extraction System

Liquid/Liquid Extraction System

A large, swept volume, three armed, XYZ gantry robot for digestion and liquid/liquid extractions. This robot works day and night putting samples through various solvent extraction and heating regimes. Working on a specially designed continuous flow principle, each sample has an identical time in each phase of the process greatly improving sample to sample reproducibility.