Tumour Detection System Labman Automation EU Science Funded

Tumour Cell Detection Miracle System

An FP7, EU-funded, collaborative to develop an automated system for the detection of tumour cells in blood, using an integrated disposable consumable.

Plant Grinding Module

An easy-to-operate evaluation unit for testing your materials and processes in Labman’s plant grinding module before purchase of the main system.

Project P.Cezanne

As part of an EU consortium, Labman helped to develop a long term implantable glucose sensor. Labman’s role was to design and manufacture the casing and encapsulation for the device.

Plant Leaf Cutter and Well Plate Loader

Plant Leaf Cutter and Well Plate Loader

A multi-bladed cutting block which is mounted on a stand and integrated with a set of vacuum pads. Leaf material (e.g. wheat leaf) is clipped onto the block and with a swing of the lever the knives cut the sections which are held by the vacuum pads.

Heavy Duty Variable Radius Vortexer

For stiff mixing challenges, this heavy duty vortexer is capable of mixing sample weights of up to 10kg. The mixing profile including speed, direction and acceleration can be set to allow optimisation for particular materials. The unique aspect of this vortexer is that the radius can be modified manually.