Automated Force / Load Tester

This systems integrates an off-the-shelf load-cell with a Labman manufactured drive so that accurate force/displacement measurements can be made.

MDI (Metered Dose Inhaler) Testing System

A system to replicate a canister being shaken. Each canister is weighed, fired and analysed multiple times to generate accurate data of how each canister performs over its lifetime.

Forced Degradation Robot

This system prepare samples of candidate drug powders prior to stress testing and analysis and automates forced degradation processes. Samples are heated and shaken in up to six separate heater/shakers each with capacity for 24 vials.

Liquid/Liquid Extraction System

Liquid/Liquid Extraction System

A large, swept volume, three armed, XYZ gantry robot for digestion and liquid/liquid extractions. This robot works day and night putting samples through various solvent extraction and heating regimes. Working on a specially designed continuous flow principle, each sample has an identical time in each phase of the process greatly improving sample to sample reproducibility.