Semi Automated Vial Packaging and Labelling System Labman

Vial Packaging and Labelling System

A semi-automated vial processing system to increase the production rate of packaging enzyme assay kits. The system is designed to handle four different types of vials, performing customisable dispensing, bunging, capping and labelling.

Vial Filling, Capping and Packaging System Labman

Vial Filling, Capping and Packaging System

This high throughput system is designed to fill, cap and package around 20000 vials per day. Designed to work in a clean sterile environment, the vials are used in a medically approved product.

Pot Dosing and Capping System

Reagent Dosing & Pot Capping System

A bespoke high throughput machine to dose and cap milk sample bottles, that, once the operator loads a tray, automatically doses pots with 0.05ml of preservative and caps them. The system is used by numerous operators so has to be intuitive and simple to operate.

LiDCo Electrode In-fill & painting Systems

In collaboration with LiDCo, Labman developed two systems: one fills blood sensors with electrolytic gel; the other coats a polypropylene sensor with silver-based paints and holds over 400 unpainted electrodes.

Vial & Tube Filling and Capping Systems

These systems automate the production of immunology diagnostic kits and other production liquid filling systems. The systems need to fill tubes (e.g. fritted reaction tubes) with a solution sometimes with suspended particles, cap the tubes and place them into the kits or racks ready for shipping.