Blood Reformatter Sheffield University Labman

Blood Reformatter

A blood plasma reformatting system for Sheffield University’s Medical Department. This system decaps tubes containing blood sample, reformats the sample into chilled Micronic racks and recaps the sample tube.

Project P.Cezanne

As part of an EU consortium, Labman helped to develop a long term implantable glucose sensor. Labman’s role was to design and manufacture the casing and encapsulation for the device.

Vial Weighing System

A small weighing system installed in Siena, Italy. The system weighs either Micronic vials or Wheaton vials to five decimal places. The system has capacity for nine blocks of 96 Micronic vials or nine blocks of 24 Wheaton vials. The cycle time for this system is 20 seconds per vial.

Sample Reformatting

Sample Reformatting System

A reformatting system for a company based in the UK with a requirement to purify a compound library containing 5 million samples! The system loads incoming tubes containing dried fractions into a dissolution unit, re-suspends each fraction with the selected solvent then re-constitutes the dissolved fractions (some multiple) into the required output format.

Automated Force / Load Tester

This systems integrates an off-the-shelf load-cell with a Labman manufactured drive so that accurate force/displacement measurements can be made.

MDI (Metered Dose Inhaler) Testing System

A system to replicate a canister being shaken. Each canister is weighed, fired and analysed multiple times to generate accurate data of how each canister performs over its lifetime.

AstraZeneca Vial Weighing System

A pair of systems for AstraZeneca that tare weigh, re-weigh, sort, cap, decap and barcode read screw capped glass vials. To reduce the footprint of the robots, Labman implemented bowl feeders to automatically feed vials and caps into the robot workspace.

Forced Degradation Robot

This system prepare samples of candidate drug powders prior to stress testing and analysis and automates forced degradation processes. Samples are heated and shaken in up to six separate heater/shakers each with capacity for 24 vials.

Spotting Systems

Numerous spotting systems for several applications including DNA, Ink, Adhesive and Gel spotting. Repeatable accuracy in excess of five microns can be achieved as well as very low cycle times.