Large Scale High Throughput Formulation System

Producing 100 pots a day and running for 24 hours a day, this high throughput system creates formulations that typically contain six to seven powders, six viscous liquids and three low viscosity liquids. All additions of materials are performed gravimetrically and measured to 0.1mg.

Automated Sample Preparation

Automated Sample Preparation System

This system prepares samples ready for injection into an HPLC/MS analyser. Septum sealed tubes have liquid preservative and an inert gas injected into them. Tubes are tare weighed before various samples are dispensed into them and then reweighed to ascertain the amount of sample added.

Viscous Liquids Dispensing Module

A large formulation system centred around a viscous liquids dispenser. The dispensing system dispenses liquids from standard 30ml disposable syringes. The carousel of syringes is automatically indexed above the sample container and balance.

Automated Product Analysis Robot

Automated Product Analysis Robot

A fluid products analysis robot to perform multiple measurements on liquid samples. Featuring an integrated Anton Paar Automated rheometer, a refractometer, spectrophotometer (dip probe), Metrohm pH and conductivity measurement and Labman sample cup storage mechanism.