Tumour Detection System Labman Automation EU Science Funded

Tumour Cell Detection Miracle System

An FP7, EU-funded, collaborative to develop an automated system for the detection of tumour cells in blood, using an integrated disposable consumable.

Automated Metabolite Extraction System

Automated Metabolite Extraction System

The world’s first fully automated metabolite extraction system, used for the preparation of plant tissues and subsequent polar and non-polar metabolite extraction assays.


Biomass preparation system

A bench-mounted system that grinds and dispenses biomass into individual wells within a plate. Operators can load up to 96 2ml input vials and one well plate.

Cryogenic Grinder and Feeder IPB System

The system is capable of grinding and dispensing plant material loaded in 20ml scintillation vials and also 2ml centrifuge tubes. An updated dispense algorithm and powder dispensing hardware allows higher accuracy and throughput.

The University of York Funnel Feeder System

Funnel Feeder System

Developed for The University of York, this system contains an analytical balance with a custom pan designed to take any standard well plate. A funnel mounted on the system axes moves over the wells in a predetermined order allowing the operator to feed plant material into each well.