Project P.Cezanne

As part of an EU consortium, Labman helped to develop a long term implantable glucose sensor. Labman’s role was to design and manufacture the casing and encapsulation for the device.

Centrifuge and clean-up system Labman

Centrifuge and Clean-up System

This system prepares samples ready for injection into various analysers. Turbid samples are collected into vials. The turbidity of the sample is monitored. Should the turbidity of the sample exceed the required minimum then the vial and contents are centrifuged at 6000xg otherwise they are discarded.

Sussex University Bumble Bee & Ant Simulator

In order to aid the University of Sussex CNNR, Labman developed this system to simulate bumble bee flight paths and ant trajectories. In particular, the research is focusing on the visual navigation of these animals through large scale environments. Neurological algorithms representing a bees’ brain are loaded into the system and over time evolved into more complex control systems.