Liquid Transfer System by Labman

Liquid Transfer System

A system designed to transfer liquid samples from large pots to smaller vials, prioritising speed whilst minimising cross contamination.

Automated BOD system

Automated BOD system

An automated system for measuring the dissolved oxygen (DO) content of water samples.

Singapore Water Utility Board Sub Sampling Robot

Online Analysis & Sub-Sampling System

A fully automated online analysis and sub-sampling robot, delivered to PUB of Singapore. The system can subsample into a range of vial and rack types, and then analyse physical chemistries online using flow through cells.

BOD Incubator System Labman

BOD Incubator System

Available as an optional add on to the Labman BOD robots or as a standalone unit these incubators offer flexibility over regular off the shelf incubators, especially for storage of large numbers of bottles and racks.

Aquakem Loading System

This system integrates with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Aquakem analyser. The loaders automatically present bottled samples to the Aquakem sampling needle by placing them into an aliquot position where the Aquakem’s ‘KUSTI Arm’ attachment will aspirate the sample and dispense it directly into the analyser.

Physical Water Chemistry System

Advanced and comprehensive analysis of the physical chemistries of portable and waste water samples. This system can measure any combination of pH, turbidity, conductivity, colour, UV absorption, carbonates, temperature and dissolved oxygen content.

BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)

BOD Test Systems

Labman produce a range of systems for conducting BOD tests, analysing the Biological Oxygen Demand of water samples. The systems range from the budget conscious Mini system to the feature packed Maxi system.

Vitens Automated Water Laboratory

An entire water laboratory system for Vitens Laboratorium in Leeuwarden, Holland that runs unattended overnight with results ready first thing in the morning.