William during his Internship at Labman Automation

The Interns #6 – William

Katie Simpson Uncategorized

After hearing about us at a jobs fair at Durham University, William hopes his internship will provide him with some great experience to help him get into a career in robotics. With one year left at university, we wish him the best of luck. Here’s what he had to say about his time here:

I came to Labman 3 years ago and since then I’ve wanted to come back for more, last time I learned a lot about electronics, and it helped me understand what I really wanted to study which is Computer Science.

Labman is a really cool place to work, there is always something to do from the amazing robots to the fun times at lunch break including Labfest, amazing party for the people, the food, the drinks and the games.

This time I’ve been able to explore other fields that I wouldn’t have been able to know like designing a robot idea for a client from the ground up. Working with the sales teams for TIDAS finding out how much work, effort and passion needs to be put into each sale, as we say the average time is 9 months from first cold call until the customer buys so it’s like a baby. Also, I’ve been able to work closely with the marketing team to create a new approach on the Spanish speaking countries to get closer to this huge market.

To end I’d like to say that what makes Labman great is the people you get to meet that I hope to keep in touch with. In the moments where I was a bit disoriented because I was doing something new and didn’t know how to approach it there was someone willing to help or that could guide in the right direction.