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Laboratory Automation


Labman manufacture custom robotic solutions for many industrial, laboratory and medical applications. We work with customers worldwide to produce world class automated solutions for labs, R&D and production facilities.

Many of our systems are completely unique and are always tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. This flexibility allows Labman to create a system that works exactly as you need it to in your lab.

Automation Everywhere


Labman systems now operate in over 40 countries across the world. Over 160 leading companies and universities use Labman systems on a daily basis to perform processes and research in some of the most advanced areas of science and technology.

We work within most industries, and are constantly challenged to seek new and innovative ways to revolutionise processes through automation.

Labman automated cryogenic grinding system

Our Systems


Our catalogue of systems demonstrates very effectively the sheer variety of systems that Labman has designed and created; from bumble bee flight simulators and paint dispensing robots to entire water laboratories.

Custom Software


We create software that fits. Labman software is custom developed so it aligns perfectly with your existing ways of working. This means easy adoption, minimal downtime and software that works how you want it to.

We also believe your data belongs to you. Whilst we use state of the art security and encryption we always ensure you’re able to access and extract your data in the format you need.

Our experience and ethos means Labman Software can integrate effectively with 3rd party hardware and software to improve data flow around organisations and laboratories.

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  • “Labman offers excellent support! You are easily the best of our instrument suppliers in this aspect”Charlotte Marie Herstad - PhD, Dynea
  • “Labman have produced a robot to fulfil multiple tasks on various formats for Axis Shield. Although the robot itself performs very complex tasks, it is very easy to use, from an operator point of view, which is important to us. The robot had to evolve during the development phases, from its original design, due to new customer demands, and Labman have worked closely with us to fulfil our requirements so we can fulfil our customer’s needs.

    It has been an excellent, open, and educational experience working with Labman developing this robot and I would not hesitate to work with them again.”Dean Harper - Continuous Improvement Specialist, Axis Shield

  • “GSK Commissioned Labman to provide a solution to its automated vial weighing requirements. The project was well designed and completed on budget, which is a testament to Labman’s expertise. Pleasure to work with Labman throughout from design to delivery.”Heather Barnett - Senior Principal Scientist, GSK
  • “Our Labman high throughput formulation system takes two months off a new product development cycle. We have saved over $200,000 refining just one core product”Department Manager - Multinational
  • “From start to finish, the project was well designed and implemented with excellent communication throughout. It was a pleasure to work with Labman and NMR would have no hesitation in using them again in any future projects.”Tony Craven, National Milk Records Group Operations Manager
  • “Our Tidas, fineness of grind measurement system, has resulted in significant time savings and improved workflow in our lab”Applied technology manager, Major US and global pigment manufacturer
  • “We wanted a solution that fits our needs and that’s what we’ve got!”Stephan Schmidt, Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry
  • “Durham University commissioned Labman to undertake the mechanical design and installation of a Turbulence Generation System in Durham University’s 2m Wind Tunnel, which was both complex in its operation and mechanically challenging to design. Labman were committed and highly capable at designing and commissioning this state of the art system and as such Durham University now has a new test facility which is able to generate sophisticated unsteady airflow that places the University in a leading position for automotive research. The project was completed on budget and specification and is a testament to Labman’s capability.”Oliver Mankowski, Durham University

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