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Syngenta fully automate viscosity measurements with Labman

Discover how Labman assist Syngenta on their mission to expand their current formulation instrumentation through a specialised system to measure a specific type of rheology.
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Collaborating to realise the AutoCOL Colony Counters

After successfully collaborating to bring the AutoCOL Colony Counter to market, Synoptics sought further help from Labman to develop a more complex solution, the AutoCOL EM.
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Micropore Technologies collaboration with Labman

Micropore Technologies, an engineering service turned long-term collaboration driving for innovation in vaccine development.
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Instrument development; from inception to production

A world first product concept, and a brand new supplier handling the project from beginning to end - Cerulean had all their eggs in one basket for the development of Orion.
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Together for the journey

20+ years, 3 robots, 6 million samples - discover how our friends at IDS have benefited from Labman's technologies and continuity of support to tackle their ever-growing order requirements for Vitamin D immuno capsules.
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Elevating Pharma QC

RxPack's collaborative journey with Labman has been nothing short of extraordinary.
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A transformative partnership in high-volume sample processing

Sampled utilised Labman's expertise in creating custom projects in order to create a novel solution that was urgently required.
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Berkeley Lab achieves 100x synthesis throughput boost with Labman

Discover how Labman's system has been instrumental in this groundbreaking automated lab in California.
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