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Instrument Integration


Labman’s Experience

Research and development runs on accurate, valid and repeatable data. Labman’s robotic systems have found their place in labs throughout the world, all in the name of obtaining this data. Be this through simply providing an accurate and traceable sample preparation process or increasing throughput through full process automation; or, and often most importantly, through robust instrument integration.

Labman have successfully integrated a broad range of analysis instrumentation over a diverse plethora of industries. Throughout this experience Labman have found that the key drivers to integrate these devices always remains the same:

• Remove instrument-instrument variation
• Maximise measurement throughput
• Ensure a traceable and constant measurement environment
• Provide high quality data

Whether you are looking to integrate analysis instrumentation into a sample preparation process or simply to automate sample measurements, Labman have a broad back catalogue of experience to draw upon.

  • Labman instrument integration scientific gloss meter
  • Labman instrument integration thermo scientific water testing

Key capabilities.

Instrument Integration

• Spectrophotometer devices
• Laser Profilometry
• HPLC towers
• Gloss/Sheen meters
• Image analysis
• Force/torque measurement
• Rheometer/viscometer systems
• Polarimeter systems

Example Systems.

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