Custom project

Automated gasses & liquids mixing system

An automated system that controls the flow of liquids and salts to a spectrometer.
Labman custom system: Automated gasses & liquids mixing system

Key features

Dedicated SoftwareAutomatic software control
Liquid MixingHigh accuracy liquid mixing
Gas MixingHigh accuracy gas mixing


System Overview.

An automated system to control the flow of liquids and salts to an AFM and RAMAN spectrometer. One station mixes Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Air in the required ratio using mass flow controllers, then splits then delivers the gas to the RAMAN and AFM. Similarly the other station mixes up to 6 liquids and delivers them to the RAMAN and AFM using high accuracy positive displacement pumps. The gas and liquid flow rates are controlled and recorded by custom PC software.



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