Custom project

Automated quantos system

Automated powder dosing into vials using a Mettler Toledo Quantos dosing unit
Labman custom system: Automated quantos system

Key features

Consumable handlingCustom built grippers and loading mechanisms to handle customer specific vials and dosing heads.
WeighingIntegration of a Mettler Toledo Balance for up to 0.1mg readability. (With the option to upgrade to 0.001mg readability).
Powder dispensingIntegration of a Mettler Toledo Quantos dosing module for accurate dispensing of a wide range of powders.


This system is designed to automate the use of a Mettler Toledo Quantos Powder Dosing unit for the purpose of filling 2mL GC vials with powder. Vials and dosing heads are loaded by the user and are automatically loaded into the Quantos for gravimetric dispensing before data is uploaded to the user being returned to their respective racks. The Quantos can also be used independently from SAQS by manually loading dosing heads and vials and operating the Quantos with the touchpad. The custom software has been designed to give the user full control of their workflow. With the integration of a live pause function, users can change the running order of dispenses, and add new ones at the front of the queue on the fly. The safety enclosure which encapsulates the system ensures users are never put into harm’s way. The system’s heavy duty castors and relatively small footprint allow it to easily be maneuvered in and out of position in the lab.



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