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Broaden your dispense capability. Formulate without boundaries.
Labman custom system: Formulator

Key features

Interchangeable dispensersThe Labman Formulator benefits from the unique ability to accommodate various dispenser types, within individual dispense stations. The system can be built with any number of dispense stations to accommodate your needs now, and in the future.
Consumables handlingThe system can handle a number of different consumable types, provided they conform to certain criteria relating to the cap type, maximum mass etc. The vessel is specified by the user during the run set up.
Dual Asymmetric Mixer (DAC)Once all specified ingredients have been fed to the target vessel, it is recapped and placed into a Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge (DAC). The DAC mixes the contents of the vessel with a configurable speed and duration. After mixing the target vessel is returned to the rack.
Robust workflowThe platform is centred around a Mitsubishi Robot arm which features a wrist force sensor. The technology provides a more robust workflow for picking, placing, capping and de-capping of various consumables.
Data managementAll dispense data is stored and the software is capable of integration with an existing LIMS system. Input and output data can all be handled via the simple and user-friendly UI.


The Labman Formulator is a unique modular formulation system offering broad and flexible dispense capabilities. Individual dispense stations can accommodate a range of dispensers from liquids and slurries to powders. The platform can be designed and built to your exact requirements, offering you a robust and a future-ready formulation solution.

Flexible dispense capability

Individual dispense stations can accommodate a range of dispenser types depending on the workflow you require. The system can be built to include more or less powder or liquid dispensers. Each dispenser type can be configured according to the contained materials and dispense tolerances.

  • Powder dispenser
    Configurable to suit the powder type and dispense tolerance.
  • Pressure pump
    Allows periodic stirring of viscous liquids. Dispense pressure can be pulsed for more precise dispenses.
  • Peristaltic pump
    Allows periodic stirring of viscous liquids. Rollers squash the output tube to dispense fluid.
  • Syringe pump
    Dispenses liquids from a reservoir via needle for higher accuracy dispenses.
Mitsubishi robot arm

Designed and built in the UK
The Labman Formulator is designed and built completely in-house from our UK based facility. Your project will benefit from our multi-disciplinary workforce and well established workflow.

Labman’s support packages offer you dedicated, accessible training and technical support from real Labman engineers, for total peace of mind after purchase.


Mitsubishi robot arm

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