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Helipath viscometry system

The Helipath Viscometry System is an automated system used to measure the viscosity of samples, using Brookfield viscometers.
Labman custom system: Helipath viscometry system

Key features

Epson SCARA robot armRoof mounted robot arm to provide unimpeded access to the entirety of the robot bed.
Colour coded racks and shuttlesThe racks and shuttles are colour coded to ensure the system is setup correctly for use.
Quick change shuttlesShuttles are located using magnets to provide a quick and toolless change of system configuration.
Labman 4 jaw gripper4 Jaw Labman gripper to move each sample from rack to shuttle.
Barcode readerBarcode reader to track the progress and link the data recorded to each sample.
ID card loginQuick RFID card login links the user to their samples without needing a username and password.
Status lightsStatus lights in the upper panels provide instant feedback on the progress of the current samples.
System emailsThe system emails the user the results on their samples once complete.


The system contains 3 viscometers that take measurements of 3 different size sample jars. The jars are loaded into the system and their locations are entered on the UI. Once the user presses start the Epson robot arm picks the sample, scans the barcode, and places it into one of the appropriate shuttles. The shuttle then moves under the viscometer where a measurement is taken. Once the measurement is finished the shuttle moves back to the Epson arm and the sample placed back to the rack. The viscometer lowers into a wash bath where the geometry is washed and dried.

The viscometers can be setup to use either all the same jar type or a combination of different types. Shuttles on magnets and quick release airlines and racks are colour coded as to provide clear feedback on which jar size each viscometer is setup to use.


Sample jar being held by robot arm to built in barcode scanner
Helipath Viscometer being lowered into wash bath
Viscometer shuttle
Robot arm holding sample jar
Epson robot arm
Man using Helipath Viscometry System built in touch screen
Close-up of viscometer performing a measurement in a vial
Helipath Viscometer close-up
3 viscometers installed in the Helipath Viscometry system
2 viscometers set up to measure samples from different size jars
Epson robot arm transporting sample jar
Sample jars being stored in different size racks
Measurement being taken by the viscometer

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