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High throughput sterile vial filling system

A high throughput sterile vial filling system that fills vials every 3.5 seconds with liquids such as blood plasma and viral strains.
Labman custom system: High throughput sterile vial filling system

Key features

Sarstedt & Nalgene Vials2ml Sarstedt and 4ml Nalgene vials
CappingCapping to defined torque
Vial FillingAccurate filling of vials
Throughout of VialsThroughput of 1000 vials per hour
Autoclave SterlisationAll fluid lines suitable for autoclave sterilisation
Biological Safety CabinetFully enclosed in biological safety cabinet


System Overview.

In 2006, Labman installed a high throughput sterile vial filling system in the UK. The system fills vials with liquids such as blood plasma and viral strains. The system fills 2ml Sarstedt vials and also 4ml Nalgene vials. Vials are accurately filled with defined volumes of liquids and then capped to a specified torque. The system decaps, fills and then re-caps a vial every 3.5 seconds. The entire system fits within a biological safety cabinet with extraction.

“I appreciate the time that the two Labman engineers spent with us to ensure proper functioning of the MultiDose in the glovebox. They explained the instrument, its software and the to-be-expected after-sales support well, and I feel confident that I am able to perform dosing experiments on my own.”
— Michael DechantsreiterAssociate Scientific Director



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