Custom project

Liquid dispense system

An intuitive system for dispensing a measured volume of liquid into bottles, designed to minimise the need for user interaction.
Labman custom system: Liquid dispense system

Key features

Intuitive operationOperations have been reduced to two colour coded buttons
Automatic refillingWhilst the operator is removing the previous rack the system is already refilling to give the operator
Repeatable dispensesThe glass burettes ensure a repeatable dispense every time
High flowrateComponents have been chosen to maximise the flow rate
Programmable pump timeThe pump time to fill the burette’s can be adjusted by the operator
Splash guardProtects the operator from over filling the burettes


The dispense system uses specialist glass burettes to dispense a measured volumes of reagent into a bottle with a soil sample, 8 samples are processed simultaneously. The dispense system uses a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to turn on the pumps to fill the burettes. Once a sensor is triggered the solenoids beneath the burettes open and dispense the liquid into the waiting sample pots. Once the rack of pots is removed the pumps automatically refill the burettes so the operator can fill the next rack. The operators only need to control the system when first priming and when they no longer want the burettes to refill. The system is very robust and is programmed to minimise the possibility of human error; it informs the operator of any required actions via two LEDs. The soil samples which are in the racks used by the dispense system are then filtered into the open pots used by the Liquid Transfer Robot



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