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Medimmune sample purification robot

Used as part of the development of human monoclonal antibody therapeutics; purified samples are collected in Eppendorf tubes ready for aliquoting.
Labman custom system: Medimmune sample purification robot

Key features

Capacity for Falcon Input TubesCapacity for 144 50ml Falcon input tubes
Capacity For Reagents in Litre ContainersCapacity for 10 reagents in 20 litre containers
SPE Column Sizes6 sets of various size SPE columns (1ml, 3ml and 5ml) are stored in the robot
Syringes2 sets of syringes (10ml and 50ml) are automatically selected
Automated Filtration & Diluent WasteAutomated filtration and diluent waste management
Medimmune LIMSIntegration with the Medimmune LIMS
LIMS Input Sample InfomationIdentification of input sample information via LIMS
Dilution Volumes & Diluent SelectionFully configurable dilution volumes and diluent selection for each stage


System Overview.

The sample purification robot was installed at Medimmune, Cambridge in 2007 and was designed to replace an existing system that required a lot of user intervention during the purification process. The robot is used as part of the development of human monoclonal antibody therapeutics and performs the initial sample purification by passing a number of reagents through SPE columns followed by the sample. The resultant purified sample is collected in Eppendorf tubes ready for aliquoting. The final samples are aliquoted into Micronics tubes, microtitre plates and PCR well plates. The robot runs 3 batches of 48 samples over a 24 hour period.

“I appreciate the time that the two Labman engineers spent with us to ensure proper functioning of the MultiDose in the glovebox. They explained the instrument, its software and the to-be-expected after-sales support well, and I feel confident that I am able to perform dosing experiments on my own.”
— Michael DechantsreiterAssociate Scientific Director


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