What a difference a Year-in-Industry makes

Sam tells us what he got up to in Labman's Bioprocessing unit.
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Intern Sam standing with 3 of the Labman team all smiling

Katie SimpsonPublished 9th Jun 2023

Sam has spent the last year interning at Labman as part of the bioprocessing team. As he returns to University of Leeds to complete his final year in Mechatronics and Robotics, he tells us about his time at Labman. We will miss you Sam!

From Monday Morning meetings to Gongs, LabFest to SausageFest, brainstorming ideas for a new project to moments before delivering it to the customer. Over the past year as an intern at Labman, I had the privilege of working under the bioprocessing team, developing, and manufacturing systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

My journey began at Labman, being placed in charge of manufacturing a system for a pharmaceutical company. Through this project, I learnt about the journey and procedures required to take a project from start to finish aided with assistance from the supportive bioprocessing team. After the initial three months, I really got stuck in with the various projects happening under the bioprocessing department. From being underneath older systems upgrading them to the newest generation, through sorting and operating the immense stock system, to meeting with clients and discussing projects ideas and plans, to shipping off the completed projects, eventually led me to have the privilege of being named Project Leader for 4 projects and lead these projects to completion.

During my time at Labman I had the opportunity to try my hand at the three main disciplines of engineering. Practicing mechanical skills through the design, using CAD, manufacturing, and machining parts for these systems. Increasing my electrical knowledge through learning about the components used in the projects, how to read electrical drawings and from this wire up a system on my own. Trying out my software skills through testing and fault finding in system UI, broadening my knowledge.

Intern Sam pictured from behind doing some work on a system
Intern Sam

One of the main highlights of Labman is the culture and support you receive during your time there. Whenever you’re struggling with something or would like some advice for a method or project, there is always someone to turn to and ask. The staff at Labman are very friendly and welcoming and always willing to give a hand. Outside of work there are plenty of opportunity to spend time together through the various activities, from Football on Wednesday nights, Go Karting, Table Tennis, hanging out evenings with new friends I’ve made at Labman and many others. With the cherry on top being LABFEST, a fun filled summer gathering, celebrating the achievements of Labman over the past year.

Labman is such a great place to work at, the energy, enthusiasm and passion of each person makes you not want to leave this amazing place! Over past year, I have gained so much more knowledge and experience, than what I would have received at over my 3 years at university. I would highly recommend Labman to anyone wanting to experience real world engineering, and for those who want to be at the forefront of innovation. It has been an honour and privilege to work along side such an amazing group of engineers, who made me feel part of the Labman family from day one. Thank you very much Labman!"