The Interns #02 - Seyonne

Helping out at FightFest was great fun for this intern.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 20th Sept 2022

Seyonne was the second intern to leave us last week after spending her summer here at Labman. She is returning to Manchester University to her third year studying Mechatronics. Take it away Seyonne;

I found out about the summer intern role here at Labman through their robot fighting competition FightFest and I’m very glad I did. Straight from the very start I was given a range of different tasks and able to work on a lot of different projects such as designing and installing small components onto the robots, volunteering at their 2022 FightFest competition and even being able to use the various tools and machines in the workshop.

However, the highlight of my summer was the opportunity to be a project leader on a very interesting feasibility concept. I was able to design, make and then test the concept from scratch and present my findings to the client at the end. This allowed me to apply my knowledge and skills from university and get an in-depth understanding into the detailed research and design process that goes into building a robot.

I was initially quite surprised that I would be given this much responsibility as a summer intern due to my preconceptions of an intern role, but it just goes to show the environment and mind-set of Labman. Everyone there is so passionate about their work and friendly helping me whenever I needed any advice on my work.

Working at Labman over the past three months has been an invaluable experience and not only have I learnt so much in terms of the business side of the automation industry and improved my solid works and mechanical skills, but I’ve also had a lot of fun throughout the process. To me Labman is like no other from their interview process (a very fun and memorable experience) to their equally exciting fight fest competition and annual lab fest party.I’m very sad to go and I hope one day in the future they’ll have me back.