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Collaborative Projects


Labman’s Experience

One size does not fit all, and automation is no exception. Engineering a bespoke system that will become an intrinsic and transformative part of an integral process to a company or industry is only possible with collaboration and clarity. Labman has the experience to know what can and can’t be done, but it’s our clients that know the process and objectives.

There is naturally a chicken and egg scenario when it comes to the clear specification of requirements due to the unknowns on both sides of the project – the client conducting the process and the team designing the system. It’s easy for one to imagine how a new system can transform a process that is currently executed manually, however, when that system changes the way that the process is conducted, and perhaps subsequently introduces new possibilities to the process, a more organic and allied approach is required to get automation right.

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Key capabilities.

Collaborative Projects

  • Undertaking key partner and work package leader roles on EU funded projects
  • Collaborative project management systems to plan, coordinate, control and distributed projects.
  • Designated meeting rooms and advanced teleconferencing capabilities
  • VR facilities for modelling and walkthroughs

Example Systems.

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