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Automated seed dispensing system

A high throughput sub-sampling system for seeds for ABRC at Ohio State University. Featuring humidity control, capping, printing + more...
Labman custom system: Automated seed dispensing system

Key features

Large Output Capacity8 x 96 position 0.5ml Sarstedt output tube
Large Input Capacity2 x 96 position 2ml Sarstedt input tubes
Humidity ControlHumidity control cabinet
PrintingInkjet printing
CappingAutomated Capping & De-capping
Variable Seed TypesSeed types size between 200-500µm, weight 20-40µg
Target DispensersTarget dispense at 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 seeds
High Throughput200 output samples per hour (1:many output)


System Overview.

In 2015 Labman developed a unique high throughput automated seed dispensing system for the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC) based at Ohio State University. The Seed Aliquoting Machine, known by ABRC as SAM, takes capped seed filled input tubes and aliquots them into sub sample output tubes. The output tubes are then capped and inkjet label printed ready for market release. SAM has the capacity to work with up to 192 input tubes and/or 768 output tubes per run and has the ability to perform one to one as well as one to many dispenses. The robot is environmentally sealed, has operations in place to prevent contamination and ensures an accurate quantity of seeds is dispensed. The feedback from ABRC is that “the system has the ability to produce ten sets of 3600 seed lines in a little over a month, a task that could take six months or more if done by hand. In addition to set preparation, SAM will be used for general seed orders. Through the use of SAM, ABRC will be able to increase efficiency and continue a high quality service well into the future.”



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