Custom project

Modular substrate handling system

A modular substrate handling and formulation system, capable of processing a variety of sample types and workflows
Labman custom system: Modular substrate handling system

Key features

FormulationThe system dispenses from stock solutions to make formulations to be tested with each substrate
Image AnalysisImage analysis is used for quality control at each step in the process and to determine suitable measurement locations
Temperature ControlSome modules within the system can be temperature controlled to allow for cooking steps to be performed
WeighingEach substrate can be weighed at various stages in the process
MeasurementsMeasurement include gloss, spectrophotometry, image capture
HandlingThe handling system allows a wide range of substrates and workflows to be performed
Substrate AgitationSubstrates and formulations can be agitated under a wide range of conditions. Parameters including pressure, agitation frequency and agitation profile shape are configurable depending on workflow


The system was designed to be very flexible by allowing installation of multiple processing modules that can perform a variety of tasks. The central handling robot arm is configurable and can handle multiple consumable types depending on the workflow. Processing modules include formulation, analysis, dispensing and agitation. Individual workflows are performed on each substrate which can then be analysed using image analysis to determine the best locations to perform measurements such as gloss and spectrophotometry. The substrate agitation module allows full control over a variety of parameters including pressure, stroke lengths, agitation pattern, frequency and duration depending on the workflow, formulation and substrate type.



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