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Rapid sample reformatter V2

A fast, semi-automated system to handle and transfer COVID-19 samples for testing and safe disposal after heat sealing.
Labman custom system: Rapid sample reformatter v2

Key features

Liquid handlingFluid from the tubes is aspirated and dispensed into a well plate
De-cappingGripper lowers onto tube caps and rotates anti-clockwise to de-cap tube
Output indexerMoves the well plates from the inside to outside of the system
Barcode readingTubes are rotated while the barcode reader is scanning the tube
Image/drip analysisTips are placed in-front of a light to detect the presence of liquid in the tip and a drip on end
Drip trayDrip trays protect COVID-19 samples from contamination when other samples are move around the system
Heat sealingHeater blocks punch through sealant tape to heat seal the de-capped tubes
Input indexerThe indexer rotates the tubes through each stage of the system
Consumable handlingThe system can handle two tube types; Spectrum (IBX EUA) and UTM. Both tubes can be de-capped and heat sealed once the sample has been extracted. Both tubes carry a neutralising liquid that stops the COVID-19 from being infectious however, still allows the COVID-19 to be detected


This system automates the manual process of handling COVID-19 samples at Infinity Biologix; the samples are loaded into the system to be de-capped so neutralised saliva can be transferred into a well plate for COVID-19 detection. The test tubes are heat sealed to contain the samples for storage and safe handling should a retest be required. Designed to run 20,000 samples per day this Rapid Sample Reformatter can process 4 samples at a time making the job of lab technicians easier and allowing them to focus on the more important detection of COVID-19 within the sample.



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