Custom project

Vial weigher and vial store integration

This system was designed and built to integrate fully with an existing bulk storage system by Azenta, which introduces racks of vials.
Labman custom system: Vial weigher and vial store integration

Key features

Vial Store IntegrationThe system is connected to an Azenta vial store
WeighingIntegrated 5 place Mettler Toledo balance
CappingCaps are removed and applied
Barcode ScanningIntegrated Leuze barcode reader
Balance ValidationA validation weight is used to validate and track the balance accuracy
SoftwareCommunication with Azenta Vial Store and customer LIMS system.


The Vial Weighing System is a fully enclosed floor standing robot that is integrated with an Azenta Vial Store. The system is compatible with a 280 Position High Density Rack containing 4ml vials. The system weighs empty vials and vials filled with compound. The Vial Store and Vial Weighing System communicate with each other via a web service.

The Vial Store presents a rack to the Vial Weighing System and informs the system that the rack is ready to be processed. Each vial is picked by the robot, barcode scanned, cap removed and weighed on a 5-place balance. Once all vials in the rack have been weighed the rack is automatically returned to the vial store. Vial weights and barcodes are uploaded to a LIMS system.



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