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TIDAS introduction in China Coat 2013, Shanghai

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China coat logo


China is currently the largest producer and consumer of coating products in the world. From the success of Labman’s TIDAS system in European and American markets, it was only logical to introduce this product in the Chinese market.

With the knowledge gained from the first successful delivery of the TIDAS system to a customer in China, Labman decided to present the system at the ChinaCoat 2013 exhibition.
At the kind invitation of H.J Unkle, Labman was able to introduce the capabilities of the Tidas 4 system to prospective Chinese customers. The show was very well attended and the H. J. Unkle stand was busy each day.


Unkle stand 1           Unkle stand 2

Before leaving China we managed to spend an afternoon visiting Tiger Hill in Suzhou City  (some say it is China’s equivalent of the leaning Tower of Pisa).

Tiger hill tower


In the evening we travelled to Shanghai city centre to view the amazing skyline that has been dramatically transformed over the past twenty years symbolising the growth of China and its global presence.

shanghai skyline