Dumbbells at the Labman Gym

Welcome to the Labman Gym

Katie Simpson Uncategorized

A quick look around the Labman Gym

With the expansion of our HQ in Seamer, North Yorkshire, we are further expanding our on-site sporting facilities with the Labman Gym. The health and wellbeing of our staff (and our customers!) is something that Labman has always prioritised, particularly in an envorinment where so much creativity is required, so without further ado: the Labman Gym.

The 500-square-foot, air-conditioned gym has been kitted out with a selection of commercial grade cardiovascular and weightlifting equipment. A Concept2 rowing machine and Life Fitness treadmill and bike make up the cardio section.

A ROGUE squat rack from Ohio, USA stars alongside a rack of dumbbells and kettlebells, as well as a Life Fitness cable crossover machine, to make up the weightlifting portion.

The gym is still awaiting a few final additions before it’s completion, but already our team are making some serious gains in their breaks. If you’re visiting Labman at any point, either to visit your bespoke system or to talk robots with us, please feel free to make use of these excellent facilties.

As Labman’s new facilities continue to come on line, we’ll keep you updated with all the new additions to the HQ. We’re continuing to grow rapidly; if you’re interested in working for Labman, please visit our careers page.