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Automated liquid & powder dispensing system

An advanced, custom automated dispensing system for liquids and powders to produce formulations in uncapped 50ml centrifuge vials.
Labman custom system: Automated liquid & powder dispensing system

Key features

Chilled StoreBulk volume fluid additions drawn from chilled store.
Liquid Dispensers3 x Peristaltic & 3x Syringe pumps.
Powder FeedersConfigurable pin/auger-based powder feeders for fine and coarse powder feeding respectively.
Dispensing UnitsWireless dispensing units allow simultaneous mixing of formulations and gravimetric dispense monitoring. Liquid reservoirs include mixers to prevent settling of liquid.
Cleaning CyclesAutomatic pH and Conductivity probe wash/rinse cycles to prevent cross contamination of formulations.
Easy CalibrationAutomatic Balance calibration & Automatic pH Probe calibration
MixingMixing of samples during formulation and pH adjustment via magnetic stirrer.
pH AdjustmentAcid/Base additions as low as 1µl via syringe pumps.
Conductivity MeasurementConductivity monitoring, 10 uS/cm to 200mS/cm
Temperature MeasurementTemperature measurement of formulations -5 to 105°C ±0.1°C.
pH MeasurementpH monitoring, 0 – 14 pH ±0.01 with automatic temperature compensation.
DispensingPowder & Liquid Dispensing to 1mg.


The Automated Liquid and Powder Dispensing System is a bespoke piece of equipment designed to produce formulations in uncapped 50ml centrifuge vials. Vials are loaded into the system in a rack with a capacity of 45 vials. The system is equipped with an array of dispensing hardware that dispense a range of materials in both powder and liquid forms. Wireless dispensing units allow formulation ingredients to be added to vials, which are being mixed by a magnetic stirrer. This helps disperse materials into the formulation as they are added. The weight of the dispenser is monitored using a balance to determine the amount of material being dispensed. The conductivity of completed formulations is monitored until it is stable. Once the conductivity of the formulation is considered stable the formulation pH is measured and acid/ base additions are made to adjust the formulation to meet the specified target pH. Upon completion of the pH adjustment process, formulations are returned to the output rack. The output rack is covered, and the formulation vials are sealed to prevent evaporation or pH drift of the completed formulations until they are collected by the operator. It is possible to complete a full process of 45 formulations and pH adjustment in less than 8 hours.



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