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Automated XPR powder dosing system

An automated powder dosing system with HEPA extraction to dispense powders into a wide variety of SBS format vials
Labman custom system: Automated xpr powder dosing system

Key features

Priority Rack FeatureA rack can be prioritised to be processed immediately before resuming the previous run
HEPA ExtractionHEPA extraction system maintains a minimum face velocity of 0.5m/s at any sash opening
Live Consumable ReplenishmentPause system mid run and the carousel will automatically scan for new hoppers.
Multiple vial typesHandling of up to 6 SBS format vial types at any one time thanks to interchangeable gripper fingertips
Hopper Storage56 position carousel. Detects presence and contents of hoppers via RFID tags.
Powder DispensingHigh accuracy dispensing using a Mettler Toledo 6 place XPR balance


The XPR Powder Dosing System uses a Universal Robot arm to pick Mettler Toledo powder hoppers from the 56 position carousel and place to the XPR 6 place balance. Up to 6 different vial types can be loaded into the system at any one time. The system picks the corresponding vial adaptor for each vial type before picking the vial from the SBS format rack and placing to the XPR. The powder dispensing is fully controlled by the Mettler Toledo XPR. A user can pause the run at any time to access the racks and consumables. The system will scan for new hoppers and continue the run from the previous process. The system is enclosed in an IP2X enclosure with HEPA extraction. The extraction is designed to maintain a minimum face velocity of 0.5m/s regardless of sash opening. Sash’s are mechanically interlocked to safely isolate the system in case of an emergency.

This system is based around Labman’s MultiDose™ Benchtop platform. The Automated XPR Powder Dosing System was developed as a custom variation of MultiDose for GSK. An additional HEPA air filtration module was required. The MultiDose platform has been integrated into a standalone system with an enclosure around it for safety. This system was delivered to GSK’s R&D site, Stevenage in late 2021.

GSKGSK company logo
“GSK Commissioned Labman to provide a solution to its automated vial weighing requirements. The project was well designed and completed on budget, which is a testament to Labman’s expertise.”
— Heather BarnettSenior Research Scientist



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