BBC visit Labman

Jo Batey Just For Fun, Labman News

In early May the BBC’s research team approached Labman with an interesting proposal. The channel explained how they needed equipment to authenticate the set of their new CBBC family drama. In Labman’s 30 plus years of trading we have accumulated an impressive array of spares and prototype parts, perfect for the new series. Of course we jumped at the opportunity.

Sara from BBC arrived in late May and scoured the loft, venturing into our oldest stores and taking equipment no one had seen for 15 years! Sara was a lovely girl with a plethora of entertaining tales about her fascinating job; working on shopping lists of props, rushing around getting last minute items, ringing around suppliers and traveling half way across the country. It all sounded like an episode of the Apprentice. We heard how one day 200 cupcakes had to be sourced in just half an hour, but when Sara arrived back at the film studio they needed 200 more! Now the shopkeeper’s face lights up every time she passes.

Labman were delighted to support the BBC and waved Sara off with a boot full of interesting looking robot parts. She confirmed later that she’s had a lovely afternoon and had returned to Glasgow with some great looking stuff. Our robot parts now look forward to their new lease of life and 15 minutes of fame!