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Cutting-edge robotic solutions for precise application automation, from pharmaceutical coatings to bioprinting and liquid handling.
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Key services

Bring the precision, speed and safety of Labman's automated application technologies to your laboratory.
Advanced automated coatingLabman excels in integrating tools and instruments relevant to coating processes. This includes automated systems for dip coating, pneumatic, air-assisted, electrostatic, or airless spraying in paints and coatings, ensuring consistent and even coverage. Additionally, Labman's solutions encompass sol-gel coating processes for specialty chemicals, enhancing thin film deposition through automated precision. Our technology is also used to apply protective layers containing fertilizers or pesticides to seeds, ensuring uniform coating and promoting optimal germination and plant growth in agriculture.
Biomedical research instrument integrationWe often build systems that integrate analytical instruments crucial in medical and life sciences. For example, Labman's robotic systems can be integrated with bioprinting instruments to precisely deposit bioinks in a controlled manner, creating 3D structures that closely resemble organs or tissues, while in microfluidics, Labman facilitates the manipulation of small fluid volumes in lab-on-a-chip devices.
Homecare & consumer goods productionFor blow molding in the production of plastic containers and bottles, Labman's robotic systems ensure consistent and efficient manufacturing. Our automation solutions also include foaming processes for various cleaning products and personal care items, enhancing production quality and efficiency.
Automated CVD for solar cellsLabman specializes in the automation of advanced processes like Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) for manufacturing solar cells. Our robotic systems are integrated into CVD setups, ensuring precise deposition of thin films on surfaces.
Laser cutting automation for energy componentsOur robotic systems can be employed to handle intricate laser cutting processes with precision, contributing to the manufacturing of components used in renewable energy technologies.
mRNA and vector formulationOur systems play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in the formulation of mRNA and vectors. The robotic systems can handle the intricate process of encapsulation, contributing to the development of advanced drug delivery systems and gene therapies.
Automated aliquoting & pipettingMaintain experimental integrity and achieve reliable results with our consistent and reproducible automated aliquoting and pipetting technologies.

Our approach

No matter what industry you're working in, when it comes to application, Labman's technologies can bring signifcant gains to your lab workflows. We have many standard products that can be quickly and easily integrated into your laboratory setup with minimal onboarding time. If you need something more bespoke, our custom projects allow for total freedom of workflow automation, integrating a wealth of instruments and novel modules that fits your exact needs.

Labman has long been known as the go-to provider of custom technologies. We're experts at developing and integrating technologies that fit the exact specifications of even the most unique workflows ensuring that labs can enhance their existing workflows, instead of fighting with automation that doesn't quite fit. When it comes to application, we know that your workflow is driven by your product goals, so a custom project is often the best fit when it comes to automating this process.

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“The newest model of TIDAS instruments is being put through rigorous evaluation and constant use. The upgrades to the software and automatic draw-down device have made this newest member of the TIDAS family an indispensable must have. The results obtained from the TIDAS instruments have made it easy to show our customers the reality of lab grind analysis without putting on a lab coat, for this we are grateful. Thanks to the Labman team for the great support and superb customer service. The transition from installation to full practice was a snap.”
— Jose AbrantesTechnical Market Manager
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We’ve produced 100s of unique pieces of revolutionary technologies for laboratories worldwide. Each of these harnesses Labman’s unique ability to design for a specific workflow and to integrate tools that customer’s know well in an automated way.

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